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Terms of Use

This web site, HotepGames.com, is part of the Simple Designs Software LLC family of sites, and, as such, the SimpleDesignsSoftware.com Terms of Use (which can be found here) also applies to this site, and is incorporated herein by reference.

Definition of Terms

In this document, "The Company", "Customer Service", "we", "us", and "our" refer to Simple Designs Software.  "The player", "user", and "you" refer to any registered user.

Chat Behavior

The gaming screens have a chat window to allow players to talk to each other while playing.  The following rules must be observed at all times when using this chat window:

  1. No Flaming.
  2. No use of obscene, vulgar, or otherwise indecent language.
  3. No use of words expressing hatred or prejudice toward any particular race, religion, gender, culture, ethnicity, or orientation.
  4. No references to any illegal activities or illicit drug use, whether or not the reference suggests taking part in them.
  5. No grossly insulting remarks toward other players.
  6. No Flooding.  (repeatedly and incessantly sending the same or similar message, to be annoying)

Violations of these rules will cause a user to receive a warning.  In general, if a user receives 3 warnings, they will be banned from playing the game.  If multiple user accounts connecting to our server from the same IP address are banned, that IP address itself may be banned.

Customer Service, however, reserves the right to ban users, and their IP addresses, at any time, at our sole discretion.

Reporting Violations

It is every player's responsibility to report the above violations to Customer Service when they occur, so that we can deal with them.

Beta Testing

This game is currently in Beta-Test.

Beta-Testers are required to participate in the forum, and share any ideas for improving the game.

Beta-Testers will also be required to fill out a very brief questionnaire about the quality of the game after every game played.

Proprietary Rights

This web site, its content and design, as well as the game herein, its design, structure, concept, background story-line, implementation, and programming code are the sole property of the Company, and no part thereof may be reproduced or imitated in any form without the express written permission of Simple Designs Software.  By using this site, you agree not to reverse-engineer or alter the programming in any way.  You further agree not to view the javascript source code and attempt to use modified forms of our programming to access our server in any way not intended by the original programming.  To do so could be considered criminal computer intrusion, and may be prosecutable under Law.

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